We had a busy month in November. We put all of our staff on a new training course, invested in new equipment for the pool and have also further invested in the upkeep of the building. Keep reading as we have some exciting news for 2018.

Staff Training 1escape 1

We are committed to ensuring that all our staff undergo continuous training. We feel it is extremely important to have the most highly qualified and skilled staff so that you our members are provided the safest and comfortable environment in which to train.

In October we hired 2 new lifeguards and to complement this 10 of our staff took part in spinal board training which took place on November 3rd. We have also purchased a spinal board which is on poolside. Additionally, both of the lifeguards will now have a personal assistance button with them at all times. This will alert whoever is at reception immediately should there ever be a problem.


We have also invested in new equipment for the pool. We have bought 2 new raised platforms for the kids swimming programme. The kids swimming programme has been a great success in 2017 with Alex, Eduard, Lucas and Juline putting in a huge amount of work to get us where we are. The platforms are ideal for younger children who are beginning to learn how to swim. Our new course starts at the beginning of January. For further details please ask at reception or email fitness@thedartryhealthclub.ie

Club Maintenance

We have made improvements to each of the shower areas. We have changed the showers heads in the male and female changing rooms and poolside. These are a huge improvement on the ones which were previously in place. New shower hooks have been added to the inside and outside of the female showers.

We have also carried out a number of roof repairs throughout the month of November. There has been some leaks in the original weights area and I am confident that all of these have been repaired but it will be monitored throughout December.

Our in house maintenance team have also painted around the stretching area, parts of studio 1 and also on the first floor. A new protective feature wall has been also been installed in studio 1.


With Christmas around the corner, we have begun to take feedback within the club for our January timetable. Our class timetable is devised using member feedback and also class attendance data which is why we urge all of our members to book their classes via their club app. Any feedback can be emailed to Alex at fitness@thedartryhealthclub.ie before 10th December.

White Flag Awards

1escape 2The Ireland Active, White Flag awards took place in the Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny on Friday 17th. Each of the Iconic Health Clubs achieved the Gold Standard award for the first time, something which we are really proud of and symbolises our continuous promise to strive to be the best.

Exciting investments for 2018

We have an early Christmas present for anyone who takes part in our Spin classes. We have ordered 25 brand new Keiser Bikes. These will completely change your Spin class experience. Each bike is fitted with its own display and they are extremely smooth. These should be with us in the final week of January. I haven’t seen Ian this excited for years.

Watch this video about our new bikes. We wanted only the best on the market to give you the best spin experience possible and we believe the Keiser M3 bikes are just this. We can’t wait to share them with you (and Ian).

As always feel free to chat or email me sean@thedartryhealthclub.ie with any ideas or feed-back.

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