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fitness classes at the Dartry Health Club 2018

Class Timetable 2018

In the last year we have more than doubled our class timetable. Our timetable now gives you the choice of over 80 classes a week. We have added in more of your favourite classes such Yoga, BodyPump, pilates and Boxfit. In addition we have added Mindfulness to our programme. With so much choice, there has never been a better reason to get down to the club this year.

Feeling drained? Stressed? Anxious? Tired? Want to learn a life skill that you can use daily at home or work? Then join us for our Mindful Relaxation class where you will learn to connect in with your body & mind, focus at the task in hand so you can be more productive, and feel more refreshed after sleep! Moments often pass us by and we take the small things for granted. By being more mindful and learning the relaxation skill, you will be more effective in how you cope and respond to any situation. This class is suitable for everyone and helps with exam pressure, work stress, hectic home life, sports training, sleep problems, and breaking habits. You will leave with some tips and techniques to practice your relaxation skills and mindful techniques in everyday situations. Classes take place every Tuesday evening @21.15 and thursday mornings @9.25am with Elaine.


Dartry jan 2018

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