This section is dedicated to giving you some great fitness tips to help you with your training and keep you motivated and on track.

Looking for some new swimming strokes? We all know that swimming is a fantastic low impact calorie burner. But if you know what to do, you can use your time in the pool to hit those target areas you’re wanting to improve.

Get ready to fall in love with a new form of fitness. The world’s best aqua classes are now exclusively available at Iconic Health Clubs. We are delighted to introduce, Aqua Jump, Aqua Run and Aqua Combat to our class timetable.

core classes in dublin 6

We are delighted to announce that our new class timetable will start next week.  We have added some really great classes including the world’s best HIIT class, GRIT. We have put together an article all about this class which you can read in our news section.

It’s been called the closest thing to an exercise pill. And while it might take a bit more effort, there is now no doubt at all that high-intensity interval training is just what the doctor ordered.

intermittent fasting

A lot of our members have been asking us about Intermittent Fasting and if it works.

At Iconic Health Clubs we love when we hear something we enjoy is good for us as it takes away all guilt (we don’t do guilt!). It’s the little things in life that make us happy and nothing perks us up better than a decent cup of coffee.

Time to #loveyourheart this February as we welcome Healthy Heart Month. Sign up for our February challenge today via our mobile app and show your heart some love ❤️

Don’t forget to log your workouts, ask a member of our team for details today!


If you were promised a magic potion would let you burn calories while decked on the couch, make you feel stronger mentally and physically and improve your long term health would you be interested?

Get ready to change your walking and running routine. Aqua Run is exclusive to Iconic Health Clubs and gives you all the benefits of running without the heavy impact on your legs.


Introducing our outstanding member Tony Walsh! Tony decided enough was enough and to kick his unhealthy habits,routine and low moods. He took the decision to kick himself into gear and do something about it. Tony has been a member of Iconic Health Club for 3 years and began with participating in our classes, mostly Spin, Les Mills BodyAttack and Les Mills Bodypump.

He has been working with our Personal Trainer Dawn Maye over the past 18 months to concentrate on reaching his goals. Because of his dedication to the regime and understanding and putting in place lifestyle changes, Tony is a new man and reaping the benefits of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Well done Tony.  You are a true Icon.