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Everyone is an individual. At our gym you’ll find the space to develop your own fitness, improve your individual lifestyle, lose weight, and de-stress – at your own pace, supported every step of the way. Whether you want to drop pounds to be healthier and fitter, develop your muscle strength, tone up, or simply have fun being active, our gym in Dublin is ideally suited to you. Our air-conditioned gym offers space, comfort, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Of all the gyms Dublin offers, ours is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Don’t worry about getting bored – we have a wide variety of equipment so you can vary your routine and develop overall fitness. Our fully trained fitness professionals help you understand the equipment and get the best out of your gym sessions. We will also answer your questions about fitness and wellness and help you develop a programme to achieve your goals as part of your membership.

No matter your age, you can benefit from joining a gym. Don’t worry – our gym is not packed with intimidating, super-fit individuals who’ll make you feel bad about getting on the treadmill. Our gym is an inspiring place for people just like you. We cater for the over 50s and people who may not have been to the gym for many years. The friendly atmosphere and the emphasis on health and wellness rather than breaking fitness records is just what you’re looking for. You can relax and concentrate on achieving your own individual fitness and wellness aims.


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