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Swimming Pool & Sauna

Relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming in our 15m swimming pool and sauna. The 15m pool is the ideal size for swimming some lengths after your cardio workout in the fitness studios, or as a standalone part of your weekly fitness routine.

Swimming is an all-round exercise for optimum fitness. Swimming works all the major muscle groups at the same time. Plus, it is minimally resistant so you don’t put any pressure on your joints. Swimming is therefore ideal for people recovering from an injury, pregnant women, or when you need the extra support of the water. Ask us how you can incorporate swimming into your fitness regime and use swimming to help achieve your wellness goals.

Look for a gym with a swimming pool in Dublin – this way you always have the option to incorporate swimming into your exercise routine without having to visit a separate location to swim. Our pool is included in the price you pay for membership and you are sure to want to use it.

Swimming in our pool is always relaxing. At the end of a hectic day, get into the water and swim away the stress. Follow your swim with a blissful few moments in the sauna. The swim and sauna combination is guaranteed to melt away your stress. Of all the swimming pools Dublin offers, we have one that is conveniently located between the south Dublin neighborhoods of Rathgar, Milltown and Rathmines. For your advantage our pool is quiet and perfectly sized without the chaos of a public pool. Take the plunge and get the benefits of make swimming a regular part of your routine.

Pool & Sauna

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