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Swimming Class FAQ.

Who are Swim Ireland and why are you operating their programme?
Swim Ireland are the National Governing Body for swimming in Ireland. We want to deliver the highest quality of swimming lessons to our members and the Swim Ireland Learn to Swim programme is the only programme certified by the National Governing Body.

What tips can you give to ensure my child learns quickly?
Every child is an individual and will get there with support and attention. We are passionate about creating a love of swimming and maintain a nurturing environment for your child to develop. In addition to their lesson, we recommend bringing your child for fun swimming regularly which will help them progress.

My child hates the water, what can you do to help?
We will work with you to change that by developing your child’s water confidence. Our experienced instructors are very familiar with children that have a fear of water and have lots of skills to help them overcome this.

How does my child progress?
As every child learns at a different pace, we have continuous assessment in place, when your child completes all the competencies of the level, we will be delighted to move them up to the next level.

Do you have badges and certificates?
All the kids will be issued with their own Swimming Passport that will allow us to reward and track their progress.

What price are the lessons?
The lessons are available for members of the club at a discounted rate and your child will benefit from being able to practice between lessons in our pool. Members will also benefit from seamless lessons and avoid the inconvenience of re-enrolling on terms. The lessons cost €50 per month, this amount will be taken by direct debit. There is a minimum commitment of three months and we ask for 1 months notice to cancel.

What age can I start my child in swimming lessons?
Due to our small numbers, we are happy to take children from the age of 3.

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