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Yoga Dublin

Do you want an exercise routine that combines body and mind benefits? Are you stressed out and anxious and eager to find something to help you relax and focus? Do you want some balance? Or do you simply want a full-body workout to enhance your flexibility, balance, and muscle tone? Yoga is the ideal activity to build and maintain strength, as well as to help you relax and chill out. Yoga offers the space you need to clear your mind – and it does wonders for your body, too.

Yoga is the ideal complement to a fitness regime that includes cardio work and weights. A yoga class enhances your flexibility, improves your balance, and gives you some much needed me-time. Adding a yoga class to your weekly fitness activities is an ideal way to achieve a full-body exercise regime with stress relieving benefits. Yoga is for everyone – don’t panic if you are not particularly flexible, or if you are just starting an exercise regime. Our yoga classes are inclusive and welcoming – whatever your level, you will benefit from the class and the mind/body advantages the class provides.

Take your pick from the yoga classes Dublin offers – the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day or to power-up after breakfast for the day ahead. Our yoga Dublin studio offers a selection of classes at times to suit you. Take a look at the schedule, pick a convenient day and time, and turn up – simple as that.


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